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The Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza Survey is a survey developed by the dining facility to assess their level of thankfulness among its customers. Easily offered at www.Tellacfp.smg.com, The information business obtains from the survey will help in making the perfect adjustments throughout their outlets. The Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza Survey it is an online survey, you can access atwww.Tellacfp.smg.com as business wants to make it basic for their customers to provide feedback.

By taking part in Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza Survey, you are supplying additional information about various aspects of their outlets. For example, when you are delighted after going to at one of their outlets, it exposes that the dining facility is following the perfect formula for unbelievable customer experience. Similarly, when you do not like specific parts of their outlet, the survey is the absolute best place to let them comprehend so that they can make the required adjustments.

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About Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza

After developing in an Italian home, Anthony Bruno discovered that there wasn’t any dining facility which serves authentic and excellent pizzas throughout Florida. As a result of this, he started Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza in 2002. He started using the coal oven, to serve his customers with well done and crisp pizzas, simply found in New york city city at that time.

As Anthony had access to meals which was offered to his home, he used them to establish authentic pizzas. Due to the incredible taste of his pizzas, his dining facility in Fort Lauderdale wound up being popular among dining establishments immediately. Today, his chain of dining facilities expands throughout more than 60 locations, a testament to his significant success. With high- quality fresh active components and world- class meals, the dining facilities have really obtained a cult- like status with their customers.

How to Take theAnthony’s Coal Fired Pizza Survey


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You need to:

  • The ability to take a look at and make up in English or Spanish.
  • Have access to a specific device such as a computer system or a clever gadget, which connects to the Web.
  • Have the billing for your newest meal from amongst their outlets.
  • Then go gain access to www.Tellacfp.smg.com.


  1. Head to the link, www.Tellacfp.smg.com, to get in the survey.
  2. You require to get in the survey code from your billing, that includes 18 digits.
  3. The survey is a survey, developed to get as much information as possible about your experience at their outlet. As the dining facility wants to use your perspectives to improve customer experience, be genuine with your actions.

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