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Ross Dress Survey, the store that is comprehended for its expenses that are 20- 60% off regular outlet shop rates, is supplying its customers a possibility to win $500. Customers can participate in the Ross Dress for Less Customer Satisfaction Survey.

This patronizes feedback survey positioned on www.tellross.com. After resolving a variety of particularly crafted survey issues, Ross Dress Survey customers are supplied the possibility to get in an illustration that may win them among 2 Ross Dress Survey $500 present cards.

About Ross Shops

Ross Shops, Inc., opened its doors in Pacifica, CA back in 1950. Today business has more than 1,254 stores, and it had a profits of $837 million in 2014. It is amongst the most significant offer merchants in the United States.

Business is currently headquartered in Dublin, CA, and it prides itself on having the capability to offer retail clothing for a lot less than other outlet shop.

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How to Take the Ross Dress Survey?

Ross Dress Survey

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You need the following to get in the illustration:

  • The ability to use a computer system with web access.
  • The ability to take a look at Spanish or English.
  • Have valuables of your latest Ross Dress for Less store billing. This billing requires to expose a welcome to get in the Ross Dress for Less Customer Satisfaction Survey.
  • Required to be a minimum of 18 years of age.


  1. Go to Ross Dress Survey at www.rosslistens.com.
  2. Select English or Spanish as your language of option.
  3. The website will ask you to take a look at your invoice. Discover the invoice, and after that click yes.
  4. Go Into the 15- digit number noted near the bar code.
  5. Response each of the survey concerns to the very best of your capability. Offer sincere consumer feedback about Ross’ product or services.
  6. Do not hesitate to offer sincere responses, even if the feedback isn’t great. Ross will value all consumer feedback.
  7. Offer your contact info for the $500 present card illustration.


Ross Dress for Less is amongst the best offer retail company in the United States, and it wants to provide a possibility to win a $500 present card for your survey participation. Business desires customers to provide feedback about the services that it uses. By resolving these issues honestly, not simply will it help Ross to boost your basic customer experience, nevertheless it also uses you a possibility to disregard the experience with cold difficult cash.

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