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About Ground Round Grill & &Bar- Visitor Experience Survey

The Ground Round Grill Bar Survey, discovered at www.GroundRound.com/survey/ 1937, is an online survey created by Ground Round Grill & &(* )to assist enhance client satisfaction. The whole Bar is discovered on one page, so there is less time it will take.Ground Round Grill Bar Survey About

& & Ground Round Grill &Bar

Ground Round Grill is an American chain of casual dining establishments. It was established by Howard Johnson’s in 1969 and presently has more than 30 dining establishments in 13 states. Bar was popular for its kids’s celebrations that were held for clients in the 1970s and 1980s. Old quiet motion pictures and animations were revealed at the celebrations and kids delighted in seeing the dining establishment’s mascot, Bingo the Clown.Ground Round Today,

markets itself more to adult restaurants although it still invites households. In January 2010 Ground Round was bought by Independent Owners Cooperative, LLC, a franchisee group based in Freeport, Maine.Ground Round See Likewise:

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Ground Round Grill Bar Survey

You Will Required: www.ZpizzaFeedback.com – Zpizza Customer Survey

Have access to a computer system and Web gain access to.

  • Have the ability to check out English.
  • Have your current
  • & & Ground Round Grill invoice which contains an invite for the Bar.Ground Round Grill Bar Survey Go to
  1. .www.Groundround.com/survey/1937 Scroll down till you see the
  2. .Ground Round Grill Bar Survey Enter your e-mail, name and server name. You are not needed to get in the server or your names, though your e-mail is needed.
  3. Go into the date of check out following the format: mm/dd/yy and time of check out.
  4. If you understand your check number (from your invoice) enter it into the text box.
  5. Go into the 4 or 3
  6. digit code from the bottom of your invoice. This is needed.- Response how frequently you check out
  7. and how you became aware of them. You can pick more than one response for the “how did you hear” concern.Ground Round Rate your experience and leave remarks in package if you would like. This can be practical, so please do so.
  8. Response how practical the personnel were, speed of service, and precise buying, in addition to the quality of your food. Once again, leave remarks if possible.
  9. If they do not make something you want to see, discuss it in the next box.
  10. Rate the following declarations based upon the scale supplied.
  11. Response a couple of category concerns and whether you want to join their e-mail club.
  12. If you have any other details, enter it at the end and click Submit.

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